Tanach is actually the acronym TaNaCh

Torah: The Pentateuch, the Five Books of Moses, the history of the Jewish People, and the basis of the Jewish religion.
Nevi’im: The Prophets.
Ketuvim: The Writings.

Tanach may also be written Tanakh.


What’s all the talk about Nach for?

Jews study the Torah each week as the parsha. Orthodox knowledge and understanding of Neviim and Ketuvim are more seriously lacking. However, Torah is also included in many of the study plans on this site since many people rarely read the book as a whole, often forgetting the context around the parsha. Or at least that happens to me.


Why study Tanach? 

Tanach is the foundation of the Jewish religion and national identity. The Gemara cites Tanach regularly, so why should you only read those citations out of context? Do you know what Jews studied before the Mishnah and Gemara? They studied Tanach. Rashi thought it was worth writing a commentary on Tanach. Isn’t it worth your study too? Whether you want to discover (or rediscover) Tanach, I encourage you to dive in! Tanach study has one of the lowest barriers to entry for meaningful Jewish study. You just pick up the book and go, whether in English or Hebrew. While something is always lost in translation, you will still gain valuable insight and education from Tanach in translation.

If you don’t believe me, just ask Hillel the Elder:

Say not, “When I have free time I shall study;” for you may perhaps never have any free time.
Pirkei Avot 2:4


Why use a Tanach study plan? 

A study plan is a checklist and a guide for Type As and others who need more structure to their learning. For example, Daf Yomi is a commonly-used study plan. The plan tells you what to read when, and you get the great feeling of accomplishment each time you do what the plan says. But they’re just tools. Use what works for your brain and your schedule, but I’ll try to create a lot of different study plans to help get your study juices flowing.


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