This site is dedicated to helping you discover (or rediscover) Tanach in a meaningful and enjoyable way. I wanted a resource to help deepen my own growing study, and there wasn’t one. So I decided to make one! There are a lot of shiurim out there for Tanach, but they’re not organized, and they don’t present an organized way to study Tanach. The OU has a Nach Yomi program, but it took me an hour to locate the schedule for it on the internet (finally found it in a direct link from a random blog post). Tanach gets short shrift, and we discuss it a lot, but I didn’t see anything being done. So perhaps this page can help bring a little change.


About the Author

I’m just a regular person, not a rabbi or someone with specialized training. I’m almost entirely self-taught, so buyer beware. You can most often find me on my other blog, You’re Not Crazy, a practical Intermediate Judaism resource for conversion candidates, converts, and baalei teshuva. I’m not affiliated with any Jewish institution and any failings (or wild successes!) are my own.