Tanach Study Plans

For when you need a little outside structure…


Tanach in a Year

Want a simple plan to read all of Tanach in one year without being tied to specific dates? This monthly plan is for you! Each month, you have certain books to read (or sections, in the case of Psalms), but you have the freedom to read them when it’s convenient for you. Easy peasy to implement, though it’s a lot to tackle each month. Let me know how it goes so that I can tweak the plan if needed!

Tehillim in a Month

The 30 day cycle of Tehillim was designed to facilitate davening Tehillim, but why can’t the same structure be used to study Tehillim in-depth?

30 Days of Tehillim


Mishlei in a Month

Proverbs is already well-suited for a month-long study. It’s 31 short chapters. But let’s make it fit into 30 days, ok?

Mishlei in a Month